This is is for all the bosses out there (or their overworked teams)… 

Are you looking for ways to improve staff morale and keep staff from leaving? 

If so then lets talk!

I have corporate clients that have seen great results with increased employee productivity simply by providing them with weekly massages in your office. Their teams look forward to coming into work on the days massage is provided, and even have been known to come to work with a headache or aches and pains simply because they knew they were getting a massage that day. The end result, they come to work, and feel great after the massage AND they are more productive. That’s a win/win situation right there.

Maybe you want to provide rewards for awesome performance and do something as a special treat instead of a regular thing. That’s ok too.  With a little space in your office, I can provide either table or chair massage to suit your requirements. If you’ve got an unused office that is suitable then we can have total privacy and go the whole hog with table massage. That gets the best results. If not then I can setup my massage chair in a smaller area and we can do seated chair massage. My corporate clients have found that providing 20 minute massages for your staff on a regular basis helps them not only relax, but be more productive during the work day. 

I typically provide Corporate massage in Norwest and the Hills area, but depending on where you are located and how often you commit to, I’m happy to discuss your specific requirements.  I will want to come and visit your office before our first session for your team to make sure that we can setup and they get the best value out of it. 

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