Pregnancy is that time in a womans life where much is demanded of her.

Not only her body, but her mind as well.

It can be really special and at the same time draining having another human (or two) growing inside of you, stretching your belly in ways you didn’t think possible.  All this pushes your body into new territory (particularly if it’s your first pregnancy) and that causes aches and pains in places you didn’t know existed!

Massage during pregnancy can be used to help your body through all three trimesters.  I’m certified to deliver Pregnancy Massage and can help you through this stressful time. I love treating pregnant women during this time, and enjoy knowing that you have a comfortable and relaxing massage while dealing with your aches and pains.

Pregnancy Massage is a soothing and gentle massage that focuses on slowing working you’re your painful and troublesome areas.  Pillows are used to properly support your body so that you are safely and comfortably supporting while I work on you.  We take our time together to ensure that we apply just the right amount of pressure knowing that your body is going through so much with the growing baby.

What about after the baby is born I hear you ask?

Surely I need help there too?  Well – that’s great and we can offer both Remedial and Relaxation massage when the time comes.  Things that will help you handle the weight of your bouncing bundle of joy as you hold them, bend over to pick them up and the like.

Interested in how I can help you through your pregnancy with massage? Please give me a call so we can chat more.  I’d love the privilege of helping you through your pregnancy, and of couse see photos once you’ve had the baby.

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